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D&AD New Blood Award

My entry to the New Blood Award 2023 was working with Google and Hoffmitz Milken Centre for Typography. My practice for this project revolved around the outward façade of the Sackler family; shining philanthropists, incredible kind and generous people, and patrons of the arts. However, after some research into the family, and watching the Nan Goldin film All The Beauty and The Bloodshed, it can be stated that this façade has crumbled and is utterly redundant.

The focus of this project was about the institutions which have inadvertently profited from this epidemic. Taking donations of millions of pounds, bearing the Sackler name on the walls of their galleries, and openly supporting them; not realising the damage they are causing. I created ‘exhibition’ posters for the Tate, Royal Academy, and the Victoria and Albert Museums, each of them having profited from the Sackler family. In these posters I have appropriated the usual graphic designs seen in the advertisements on the institutions, and replaced the exhibition information with damning information about the Sackler family and their part in the opioid epidemic.

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